Bifidumbacterin contains the lyophilic dried up mass of probiotic bacteria Bifidobacterium bifidum №1, degree of microorganisms in one dose not less than 1·108 and is produced in small bottles per 5 and 10 doses. Its distinctive feature is pleasant taste and comfort at application by children and adults at enteric infection, dysbacteriosis of intestine of different origin, violation of digestion. Bifidumbacterin can be successfully used with prophylaxis purpose at development of such states.

Reactant: dried up mass of living bacteria of antagonistic active culture Bifidobacterium bifidum №1, not less than 108 microorganisms in one dose.
Production form: lyophilic dried up crystalline or porous mass per 5 and 10 doses in small bottles or packages.

Alive bifidobacteria, which have antagonistic activity against wide spectrum of pathogenic and conditionally pathogenic microorganisms, determine the therapeutic effect of Bifidumbacterin.

Predominance of bifidoflora in microbiocenosis after application of preparation normalizes activity of digestive system, improves metabolic processes, stimulates functional activity of the digestive system, prevent development of the protracted forms of intestinal diseases, promotes nonspecific resistance of organism.

Indication to application:

○ for prophylaxis and correction of intestine dysbiosis, which appear after antibacterial, hormonal, x- ray and other types of therapy;
○ complex treatment of sharp infectious diseases of intestine (dysentery, salmonellosis, Escherichyosis, virus diarrhea and other);
○ treatment of reconvalescent after enteric infection;
○ treatment of intestinal dysfunctions of staphylococcus and unstated etiology;
○ complex treatment of sharp and chronic diseases of intestine (enterocolitis, colitis) with disorder of microflora.
Method of application
Order of application
Infants from the risk group (from the first hours of life)1-2,5 doses3 times per a day
Up to 6 months5 doses2-3 times per a day
Up 6 months to 3 years5 doses3-4 times per a day
Up 3 to 7 years5 doses3-5 times per a day
Older than 7 years and adults5-10 doses3-4 times per a day

Course of treatment: At intestinal diseases - 2-3 weeks, with a prophylactic purpose - 5 doses 1-2 times in the day during 2-3 weeks.
By actions: Not described.
Contra-indications: Not determined.

Bifidumbacterin quickly renews the disbalanced microflora of intestine, is allowed to adults and children, including new-born and pregnant women, easily dissolved, pleasant to the taste.